Sheriff's Hot Pursuit is a mini-game in Cars: The Video Game.


  • Tail a speeder, then chase 'em down!
  • Stay behind 'em to empty their Chase Meter!
  • Catch all 3 speeders to win the level!

Other InstructionsEdit

  • The speeders are marked with green dots. When you are chasing them, the dots turn red. After you chase them, the dot disappears.


Level Speeder #1 Speeder #2 Speeder #3 Reward Location


Fletcher Mia Gerald 2 trophies Radiator Springs
"Hooligans" Tia Barry El Guapo 3 trophies Radiator Springs
"Road Hazards" Lenny Snot Rod Papo 3 trophies Ornament Valley
"Delinquents" DJ Sonny Wingo 4 trophies Radiator Springs
"Hot-Rodders" Vince Boost Chick Hicks 5 trophies Ornament Valley
Total N/A N/A N/A 17 trophies N/A

Losing SceneEdit

(Sheriff drives up to the billboard, looking exhausted.)
Sheriff: "Maybe it's time to go see Doc again."