High Speed Heist is a minigame is Cars: The Video Game.

Stage 1 Edit

A cut scene shows Mack traveling along the highway, and the Delinquent Road Hazards approach behind, and the event begins. You control DJ to reach Mack, once you do so, another scene plays where DJ puts Mack to sleep with a song, like in the film.

Stage 2 Edit

The player controls Boost, not only do they have to reach Mack, but they have to jump on his trailer's roof using a ramp being carried by Snot Rod, then when they land, they will see a scene where Boost gets up atop the trailer and clears Wingo for approach.

Stage 3 Edit

Controlling Wingo, when they reach Mack, the player must grab 5 Lightning Bolt Boxes while avoiding junk. Once they do, the DRH are seen running off with Lightning's goods and Mack pulls over in shame.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the player is forced to control DJ and Boost in this event, they can't play as them anywhere else.